jokes are dead

actually no i changed my mind, i’m using exclusively my other blog from now on. bye

someone in this house is listening to that chandelier song on repeat and i’m sick of it

*is definitely too sexy*

bitch don't b sayin add me on snapchat if u dont even know ur own name

add me on snapchat

What is your snapchat

i don’t know







iggy azalea - fancy cover (dont laugh please it took a lot of courage to post this)


In love


38 seconds of my life i’ll never get back

fucki ng 100/10

add me on snapchat

my follower count is 18808 and i think that’s really cool cos backwards it almost says boobi

Tumblr should have its own country so I can invade it and piss on every inhabitant’s pillows

I am not a blogger

Ur an e list lmao

i literally downloaded the app like 8 hours ago step off

mutuals message me for my new url. this blog will still be in use but my other one’s cooler cos it’s VIP or whatever

is trying to watch the rest of Trash Humpers without falling asleep

The colour of your Kim k character's hair looks weird with the skin tone

how dare you

Hey everybody come see how good I look

Hey everybody come see how good I look